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Exploring the Benefits of Capturing Drone Footage on the Telegraph Hill Job Site

Posted by Branden McDonald

Aug 16, 2018 1:42:00 PM

In today's very connected world, it's hard to find an industry that is not being touched by technology in some way. In a lot of ways, construction is late to the technology game but its transforming the way we do business.  From BIM to robotics, construction practices are evolving. One of the very exciting innovations gaining steam is the drone.

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Topics: Construction Management, Technology

The Scenes Behind An Active Construction Project

Posted by Tim McDonald

Feb 21, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Have you ever wondered what happens on an active construction site? All projects vary in size and scope. However, they tend to have many activities in common. This post provides a glimpse into the typical events that occur on an active site.

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Topics: Sequencing, Active Construction, Construction Management, Site Logistics