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Reasons to Kick Off the New Year Building Community Relations

Posted by Tim McDonald

Dec 20, 2013 7:10:00 AM

By nature, we are social beings. It is important for us to be surrounded by people in order to feel happy, safe and secure.  Even when we are around family and friends, it is not enough.  In order for us to thrive, we need to engage with our local community. 

In the Napa Valley, the region’s communities are uniquely committed to working together to advance the heritage and reputation of the Wine Country.  Area businesses tend to be stewards of the land and very passionate about hospitality. As a local builder, we are very conscious about how our services touch people’s lives and aim to demonstrate our social responsibility for making our area a better place by giving back.

Here are just some of the few reasons why we believe community involvement is important:

  • Everyone benefits from a strong sense of community.  When you are actively engaged in society, you will have a more vital, interesting life, stay healthy and feel content. 
  • Your community can be a source of inspiration.  Often times, your community will be equally generous in helping you succeed in business and, therefore, give you a sense of purpose. 
  • Vibrant communities will thrive.  When people in a community are more engaged and connected, local economies grow and support systems become more effective.
Community Relations, Nimbash
Centric General Contractors takes part in Nimbus Art's 2013 Nimbash by creatively converting a storage container into a bar and lounge for the auction.  The storage container went up for auction and was sold to a local patron of the arts in the Napa Valley.

If you are thinking about becoming more socially responsible, here are some helpful ideas:

  • Volunteer a Little Expertise or Space: It doesn't take much space for a small group to meet. Offer your expertise to local organizations in need or consider volunteering your facilities to local clubs.
  • Teach a Class: Most businesses are experts in their field and have a wealth of information to share. Inquire with the local community colleges bout teaching a class in your expertise. Another way to share all of that knowledge is by holding your own workshops at your office.
  • Host or Sponsor an Event: Most communities have at least one large event in need of sponsors. Read the local newspaper for upcoming events. If you can't find a local event that fits your business? Perhaps it is time to host your own. With a little planning, support from your local vendors (subcontractors) and favorable media coverage you have all the ingredients to cook up something great! 
  • Adopt a Community Project: Once you start looking for an organization to become involved with, you will probably find your community has many projects, big and small, that could use your hands-on help. Don't forget to contact the media outlets for additional exposure and get more of the community involved. Open up your sphere of influence.
  • Join a Group: When you join your community groups, you build a bond between your business and the community. It is an opportunity for you to meet others who may share common interests and needs. Become a member of a club to make some business connections, as well as, make some new friends.

It is that time of the season to reflect and consider your own social responsibility. Don’t let social responsibility be an afterthought or something you take lightly.  Incorporate the same creative and strategic processes that you make with your business into your own community efforts. It can be very rewarding.

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